Minerva from Lions, Tigers, and Bears

First Sponsor

Today we met with our first potential sponsor, and I’m happy to announce that the XJRacing Jr. Dragster will be painted by Bad Boy Designs!

It all started when we purchased our car from Hayden Walton who sadly passed away last June. He’d been racing for years and had many friends at the track. Unfortunately, the car still looked exactly as it did when he raced it. As a long time racing family, we understand that racing is all about fun. Having a car go down that track that causes everyone to be sad is simply not acceptable.

Moe Madrid from Bad Boy Designs understood, and more than that he stepped up. Today when we met with him we got to look through some of the amazing work that he has done in the past, but the best part was that Xavier got to really share what he wants his car to look like. One of our good friends, Mike Bullock of Runemaster Studios, is a comic book writer. Xavier loves to read Lions, Tigers, and Bears, one of Mike’s comics. He loved the character of Minerva, a black panther with glowing green eyes. Mike sent us some art to take to the painter for inspiration:

We can’t wait to see what Moe does with the inspiration!

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